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Local Citation Management is about bringing customers through your doors.

82% of consumers use search engines to find a local business. Enhance your local search results to get your company noticed by local consumers. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to compete in where other businesses have more time or money to dedicate to their online marketing strategy. Rackpoint® Local Citation Management specialise in providing an expert service, without breaking the bank.

Our company offers a Local Citation Management strategy specifically tailored to your location to ensure the right location information for your business is available in all key online sources. We also review inbound links, on-page and social signals, and review signals to Google about the locations most relevant to your business. This ensures that customers know how to find and contact you and allows your business to grow organically.

We put great effort to make sure that all of your local citations are correct and up to date. We create profiles on popular web and social media platforms to provide useful information to your target audience.

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With our Local Citation Management solutions you can be certain that your online presence will correctly target your audience, which will significantly increase your profitability. Our team keeps your business’ online listings accurate and optimised for potential customers and mapping systems, providing an easy access your information and your business location.

To get your business successfully out there, you need to make sure you promote it in the right places. We'll make sure that you're visible online as after all - that’s where your customers are looking! Creating a strong online presence need not break the bank. We believe that every small business deserves the chance to be seen and heard online. We’ll help you find your voice.

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